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  1. Is LRFD Ultimate?


  1. Is strength level LRFD?


  1. What is service level?

  • Service level wind: 0.6W

  • Service level seismic: 0.7E

  • Service level live and dead: 1.0 factor

  1. What forces do you use to check against allowable drift?

LRFD, also known as strength level: 1.0E

  1. Design connections and members to what now?

For strength level seismic design, demand is Ω (omega, overstrength or seismic amplification factor) times the ultimate unfactored seismic load and capacity is ɸ (phi, or reduction factor) times the nominal capacity. [Ref XXX. Citation needed.]

  1. What slenderness ratio (KL/r) should I design for?

  • Max (KL/r) for cold-formed steel less than 300.

  • Max (KL/r) for structural steel less than 200.

  1. How are LVFs (low-velocity fasteners) designed for seismic loads in concrete?

For exterior seismic design of LVFs in concrete, check with non-structural component seismic body forces (a_p = 1.0, R_p = 2.5) 0.7F_p against a resultant 90 lbf. Check with non-structural component seismic connector forces (a_p = 1.25, R_p = 1.0) 0.7F_p against allowable capacities listed in ESR reports.

  1. What forces are doghouses, penthouses, and other roof structures designed for?


  1. Which code am I using?


  1. What are the office holidays?


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